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In this page, we provide 5 categories of files for the download: In the Software Download Area, you can download some software packages, such as the software development environment innoBASIC Workshop, etc; in the Document Download Area, you can download some Operation Manuals, specifications, etc; in the Example Download Area, some example programs are provided for the users to develop their own programs; in the Picture Download Area, some of the product promotion pictures are provided; and in the Video Area, some interesting video footages are provided.

File name File size Updating time Downloading times
IRF150_User's_Guide_En_130313 208KB 2013-03-14 599
IRF6_User's_Guide_En_130313 221KB 2013-03-14 835
Innobot Instruction Manual V2 1.3MB 2014-05-09 333
Ozone User's Guide V1.0 475KB 2014-12-01 717
Innoracer2S_User's Guide_En_v1.0 500KB 2014-12-16 1047
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