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File name: LCD 2x16A Module User's Guide
File size: 3.24MB
File type: pdf
Uploading time: 2009-01-06 14:26:08
Updating time: 2010-06-11 17:15:08
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Product Overview:

Innovati's LCD 2x16 A Module provides versatile display functions. Through its simple connections, it can be controlled by Innovati’s BASIC Commander for a wide range of LCD applications. In this module, two display lines, each with 16 characters on each line can be displayed. By using the cursor control command, the position of the character to be displayed on the screen can be arbitrarily changed. In this module, the backlight function can be used to change the backlight to allow the message to be read easily. In addition, it can be configured to display user defined characters to display any specially required characters.



Ø  Together with an RTC Module, it can be used to display a real time clock or a simple electronic clock.

Ø  It can be used to display the operating status at any time for various applications.

Ø  It can display status or error messages directly on the screen without using the PC.

Ø  With the user-defined characters, special patterns can be created to produce creative messages.


Product Features:

Ø  It can be used to display corresponding characters in ASCII code.

Ø  The module will automatically convert and display the data according to its data type.

Ø  255 steps backlight control.

Ø  For continuous inputs, the module will carriage return automatically.

Ø  Cursor position assignment and Tab function with configurable Tab steps and HOME function.

Ø  Destructive backspace, clear to end of line or end of screen from the cursor position.

Ø  Set the user defined characters to display various creative characters.

Ø  Display off command to reduce power consumption.



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