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File name: I/O Extender A Module User's Guide
File size: 620KB
File type: pdf
Uploading time: 2009-01-06 14:17:58
Updating time: 2011-01-24 16:29:29
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Product Overview:

Using Innovati's I/O Extender A Module, users can obtain 3 additional ports (total of 24 pins) in addition to those already in the BASIC Commander. Each additional pin will have a function and performance similar to the BASIC Commander pins and can use similar commands with the proper module name. In addition, additional functions are also available, such as for event detection of pin signal variations, input pulse counting etc.



Ø  Add the functions to independently control the display status of several indicators at the same time.

Ø  Provide a detection function for signal variations on each pin.

Ø  With the A/D converter pins, an analog signal can be converted into a digital signal for follow-up processing.


Product Features:

Ø  There are 3 ports, each with 8 pins, giving a total of 24 pins, providing the capability for extended applications.

Ø  Provides independent signal width measurement and signal pulse counting. Measurement accuracy can be down to microseconds (μs).

Ø  Provides an independent variable frequency output.

Ø  8-channel analog to digital (A/D) measurement inputs.

Ø  Provides high voltage event detection on 8 pins and low voltage event detection on another 8 pins. It is possible to detect the voltage variation events on 16 pins at the same time.


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