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File name: Compass A Module User's Guide
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Detailed profile

Product Overview:

Innovati's Compass A Module is an easy-to-use, high precision electronic compass. Accessed via cmdBUS and BASIC Commander, Compass A provides users, through simple instructions, with the current directional angle with respect to North and the magnetic field intensity. Besides, Compass A can be calibrated at any place, at any time, making itself capable of all kinds of applications.



Ø  Designs that obtain digitized directional angle with respect to North with electronic compasses.

Ø  Carriers that moves in a fixed direction. Compass A's deviation angle detection enables carriers to move in a fixed direction.

Ø  Applications related to magnetic field intensity measurement.


Product Features:

Ø  Directional angles with respect to North in unit of degrees.

Ø  3-axis magnetic field measurement.

Ø  Special deviation angle function: Compass A gives users directional angles with respect to certain directions, not limited to North.

Ø  Deviation reminders: Compass A sends out reminders when the current direction is out of the preset directional angles.

Ø  Automatic refresh of current directions: Compass A has 5 refresh rates and users can switch to a proper refresh rate at any time.

Ø  Easy calibration: Users can activate the calibration mode through software or hardware buttons at any time. Scheduled automatic calibrations and calibration completion reminders are also available.

Ø  Up to 256 angle storage memories: Compass A saves up to 256 current angles, arbitrary angles as the base angles of the deviation angle function.

Ø  High directional angle precision: up to degrees.

Ø  Maximum detectable magnetic intensity up to ±300μT.

Ø  A minimum resolution of 0.6μT in the x and y axes and 1.2 μT in the z axis.

Ø  Up to 20 measurements per second.


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