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File name: Joystick 3A Module User's Guide
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File type: pdf
Uploading time: 2009-01-14 14:41:44
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Detailed profile

Product Overview:

Innovati's Joystick 3A module provides simple setup and position reading functions. Users can easily customize Joystick 3A module to fit their own needs. By connecting the Joystick 3A module to Innovati’s BASIC Commander through cmdBUS, users can run various customized functions and achieve intuitive control of devices such as robots, robotic arms, etc. Joystick 3A provides two kinds of coordinate systems: rectangular and polar. Depending on their applications, users may switch to any one of the two coordinate systems. In addition to x- and y-axis movement control, Joystick 3A also has twisting control and buttons for complex applications.



Ø  Robotic arm control: controls the rotation angle of the robotic arm with a polar coordinate output.

Ø  Remote control of cars and aircraft with the use of wireless output module.

Ø  The operation of various testing equipment.

Ø  Motor control: controls motor acceleration with the use of a motor module and motor fixed-speed cruising with the use of buttons.

Ø  Control of all Innovati’s application packages.


Product Features:

Ø  Easy setup: To use the dedicated instructions for various applications, all that is needed is to connect Joystick 3A module to BASIC commander through cmdBUS.

Ø  3-dimensional movement: In addition to planar movements in the x- and y-axes, Joystick 3A can also twist left or right for control along a third axis.

Ø  Two return coordinate systems: Joystick 3A provides return values in two coordinate systems: rectangular and polar. Users can choose either coordinate system at any time or use both simultaneously.

Ø  4-way and 8-way joystick positions: for fast and intuitive control of various basic control applications.

Ø  Large origin range: 0~10% customized origin range, preventing joystick bouncing.

Ø  Return value limit: Users can set limits for all return coordinates and thus limit the joystick operational range.

Ø  Customized resolution: The return coordinate can have at most 128 levels and the polar angle has at most 360 levels. Depending on actual applications, the two resolutions may be set individually.

Ø  Programmable joystick button: There is a programmable button on the top of the stick. Customized commands, including activation time of keystroke repetition and repetition rates, can be set through joystick instructions.

Ø  Easy Calibration: Joystick 3A module comes with a calibration button. The calibration of the joystick can be done at any time during the operation.



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