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File name: BASIC Commander and innoBASIC Workshop User's Manual
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File type: pdf
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This manual details the scheme and operation of the BASIC Commander and innoBASIC Workshop system.


Ø  Chapter 1  System Overview : An overview of the BASIC Commander System, description of the pin-outs and connections of Peripheral Modules and the Education Board.

Ø  Chapter 2  Installation and Getting Started : InnoBASIC Workshop software installation and connection of the BASIC Commander to the PC.

Ø  Chapter 3  InnoBASIC Workshop : Introduction to the Workshop utility and programming flow.

Ø  Chapter 4  Hardware Description : Detailed introduction to the BASIC Commander, Education Board pin-outs and their electric characteristics. Also the precautions of the Peripheral Module usages.

Ø  Chapter 5  InnoBASIC Programming Language : Introduction to the statements, keywords and relevant programming examples of the innoBASIC language

Ø  Chapter 6  Command Set : Details of the command usages in the alphabetic order with example programs..

Ø  Appendix : ASCII Table and Keywords for user’s reference.


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