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Innovati, Inc., located in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, is the first high-tech company dedicated in the R&D, production, and sales of the personal single-board computer systems (PSBC). The business scope of the company includes the design, development and sales of the single board computer “BASIC Commander” and its peripheral modules.

Since the establishment of the company in 2005, the company has been devoted to the development of the personal single board computer and its peripheral application modules. The company provides simple software and hardware development platform to reduce the threshold for the individual user to develop the micro-controller-based applications so that the design of micro-controller-based applications will not be the privilege of the professional technicians. The company hopes to supply the best product options for the creative users.

Innovati, Inc. has a strong R&D team and the related core technologies are developed by the team itself. With the company’s own technologies and excellent integration capability, the company supplies the best software and hardware system and professional technical services so that the DIY enthusiasts, electronics amateurs, and even professional electronic engineers can obtain a complete and suitable software/hardware development platform.


Innovati’s products have been widely used in various fields such as colleges, professional high schools, robot classes, creative science camps, personal electronics amateurs, etc, and obtain excellent reputations. The response encourages us to exert more efforts to move ahead. In addition to the domestic market, the company also actively develops the overseas market in the hope of sharing excellent product with the whole world and gaining glory for the high-tech products made in Taiwan!

To develop a wide variety of products is our mission; to pursue for more excellent quality is our responsibility. We hope to receive the comments and suggestions from our customers. Your precious comment is our motivation to pursue the excellence.


If you are interested in our product or have other suggestion, please send your message to: , We will contact with you as soon as possible!


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