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In this page, we provide 5 categories of files for the download: In the Software Download Area, you can download some software packages, such as the software development environment innoBASIC Workshop, etc; in the Document Download Area, you can download some Operation Manuals, specifications, etc; in the Example Download Area, some example programs are provided for the users to develop their own programs; in the Picture Download Area, some of the product promotion pictures are provided; and in the Video Area, some interesting video footages are provided.

File name File size Updating time Downloading times
Example Program for 12-DOF Dipedinno Robot 2KB 2009-04-09 1105
Example Program for 18-DOF Hexapodinno Robot 5KB 2010-01-26 1282
Example Program for 6-DOF Bipedinno Robot 2.9KB 2010-06-11 986
Example Program for Innotank 1KB 2010-06-11 982
7-Segment Display Example 1 1KB 2008-05-29 978
7-Segment Display Example 2 2KB 2008-05-29 1068
Interfacing BASIC Commander with RC Remote Controller 30KB 2009-02-09 1459
Example Program for Sonar 2KB 2009-03-17 1020
Example Program for Mini Hexapodinno 9.89KB 2010-06-11 1054
Example Program for Innobot 2KB 2010-01-11 926
Example Program for Innoracer 10.2KB 2011-07-01 842
Tutorial Program for RQ5 Paper Robot 6.55KB 2011-12-02 1150
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