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File name: Servo Commander8 User's Guide
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Innovatis Servo CommanderTM 8 (SC8) module incorporates the BASIC Commander® and a ServoRunner8 module with 8 general purpose I/Os controlling up to 8 servos simultaneously. The simple and integrated software functions enable users to directly control the servo movement by fixed speed or common time. There are up to 60 frames for storing the positions and motion configurations (speed or time), thus various ways of motions can be achieved through the combinations of actions.


Note that this manual mainly describes the functionality of the servo control. For details of the BASIC Commander® system and usage of the innoBASIC™ language, please refer to “BASIC Commander & innoBASIC Workshop User’s Manual.”



Product Features

Ø   Using the BASIC Commander® as controller, users can modify their program and download to the Servo CommanderTM 8 board via a USB cable.

Ø   Built-in ServoRunner8 cmdBUS™ module with ID number 0.

Ø   CmdBUS™ connector for additional Innovati’s Smart Peripheral modules.

Ø   Capable of controlling up to 8 servos for position ranging from 0.5 ms to 2.5 ms with 2μs resolution.

Ø   Software fine-tune commands in the range of -128~127 μs.

Ø   A maximum of 60 frames to store the positions, speeds or the time parameters up to 8 servos.

Ø   4 events available notifying the completion of servo travel

Ø   Module Dimensions: 46.8 mm x 54.8 mm

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