What is BASIC Commander?
Application Notes

BASIC Commander is Personal Single Board Computer (PSBC) developed by Innovati. It uses a micro controller core for controlling the peripheral modules or circuits to achieve the creative electronic product designed by the user. While using BASIC Commander, the user has to write his/her own program by using the dedicated BASIC programming language, which is called innoBASIC language; the development environment for programming is innoBASIC Workshop which is also the program development platform developed by Innovati. The user can use the platform for programming, compiling, debugging, downloading, etc. The BASIC Commander is named for the meaning of ‘the commander using BASIC language”.

In addition to the core technology, the “BASIC Commander”, Innovati also develops various peripheral modules for the users to develop their own systems, such as the LCD module, Keypad module, ultrasonic rangefinder module, G-sensor module, etc. The use can combine the BASIC Commander with various modules for developing his/her own creative electronic products very easily.
BASIC Commander System has the following features:

  1. BASIC programming language: It provides the innoBASIC program development platform which has the similar syntax as VB. Thus, developing the micro controller applications does not require the assembly language or C language any more.
  2. Low threshold for easy learning: It provides various functions such as PWM function, PULSEIN/PULSEOUT functions, COUNT function, various mathematical functions, etc. The floating-point operations are also provided. Its powerful capability allows the user to significantly reduce the program development time.
  3. Object oriented function control modules: All the modules are equipped with microcontrollers and the main program can call the module with commands, so the user does not need to handle the complicated signals of the modules any more. Each BASIC Commander can connect to up to 32 application modules simultaneously with only one set of Command Bus cable, thus no additional I/O resources are occupied.
  4. USB interface: After the program is developed, it can be downloaded through the USB cable. The USB connector is equipped directly on the BASIC Commander, so there is no need of buying additional development board for downloading the programs.
  5. Human-machine real-time interface: The PC can communicate with the BASIC Commander mutually through the USB connection.
  6. High program execution efficiency: The program code is stored directly in the built-in memory in the core microcontroller of the BASIC Commander. It is not the ordinary interpreter architecture, thus the execution efficiency is very high.
  7. The program development interface is supplied both in English version and Chinese version for various users.

Application scope of the BASIC Commander: DIY enthusiast’s creative applications, design and development of robots, teaching materials for the experiments in schools, student’s project development, rapid implementation of engineer’s prototype, etc. It is suitable not only for the beginner to quickly enter the field of designing the microcontroller-based applications, but also for the professionals with microcontroller experiences to rapidly develop advanced and complicated applications!


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