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File name: Innovati’s Color RGB User's Guide
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Product Overview: Innovati's Color RGB module is a user-friendly, three-wavelength color sensing module. The user can use simple commands to obtain the color values, including the total light intensity and the intensities of separate red, green, and blue colors from Innovati’s Color RGB module. Meanwhile, the user can also set the color codes and sensing values for automatic match and comparison operations. The module provides four full-color LEDs to allow the user to adjust the intensity of the light source directly.



Ø   Measure the three color values of reflected light from an object.

Ø   Sense the light intensity in an environment.

Ø   Combine and store the color codes, and provide the action decision for the integrated kit according to the color codes.


Product Features:

Ø   It can sense the full-color values (red, green and blue) of the reflected light separately (λp, red: 640 nm, green: 524 nm, blue: 470 nm).

Ø   It can sense the total light intensity of the mixture of the full-color values.

Ø   It can respond to the energy value which is equal to or greater than 61μW/cm2.

Ø   Provides a storage space for up to 255 color values. It also allows the user to assign the RGB identification values for each stored color value.

Ø   It provides various search commands which allow the user to search the stored values in partial or overall ranges for the ones which are close to the detected values. It can also retrieve the differences between the sensed color values and each stored color values, or the total of the color difference values.

Ø   It integrates with four sets of full-color LEDs which can be directly turned on or off through the software control. The intensity of each color component of the four LED light sources can also be adjusted separately.

Ø   It can dim the intensity of the LED light source directly by using the scaling factor.

Ø   It provides three sets of light sensing times which are can be switched any time as the shutter switch effect.

Ø   It provides several built-in retrieval value ratios for the user to select so as to obtain a proper range for retrieved values, including 4 sets of scaling (scaling up) factors and 7 sets of prescaling (scaling down) factors which can be switched directly by using the software.

Ø   Notifies the completion of the sensing operation so as to help the user to grasp the end time of the measurement in real time.

Ø   Notifies the completion of the search operation so as to quickly respond with search results while viewing the stored data.

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