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Detailed profile

Innovatis EV8TM module is the simplified version of BASIC Commander® series. The EV8™ module is developed to support low-cost and low to middle volume micro-controllers applications. EV8™ module has eight general-purpose digital I/Os suitable for less I/O required applications. The EV8™ module is multiple-time programmable, however it is not equipped with the USB interface to download the programs. For that, an EV-Writer™ is required.


The EV8™ module with the EV-Writer™ is basically equivalent to the BASIC Commander® module. However, due to the size consideration, the cmdBUS™ connector is not provided, the EV8™ cannot collaborate with Innovati’s Smart Peripheral Modules. To execute the DEBUG commands for human-machine interface, the USB interface is required. The EV8™ module cannot execute the DEBUG commands by itself, unless it is connected to the EV-Writer™.


Note that this manual mainly describes the specification of the EV8™ and EV-Writer™. For the details of the BASIC Commander® system and usage of the innoBASIC™ language, please refer to “BASIC Commander & innoBASIC Workshop User’s Manual.”


Product Features

Ø   Eight general-purpose digital I/Os

Ø   200mA regulated 5V output

Ø   228 bytes Data RAM, 256 bytes EEPROM Data RAM

Ø   8KWord multiple-time programmable, non-volatile Program Memory (c.a. 800 innoBASIC™ statements)

Ø   InnoBASIC™ Workshop integrated development system

Ø   DEBUG Commands not supported in this version EV8™

Ø   CmdBUS™ smart modules are not supported in this version EV8™

Ø   EV8™ can be reprogrammed via the EV-Writer™ connecting to a PC

Ø   EV8 Module dimension: 18 mm x 32 mm

Ø   EV-Writer dimension: 34 mm x 54.5 mm

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