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Mini Hexapodinno(TM) Box Kit
Detailed profile

This Mini Hexapodinno(TM) box kit include the Instruction Manual, CD (with Installing program, sample programs and relevant documents), polycarbonate parts for the mounting plate and legs, 18 RC servos for the legs, 1servo for the head, Servo Commander 32 main board, Sonar module, module holder and other accessories. Equipped with the BASIC Commander(R) system, this Mini Hexapodinno(TM) has powerful yet easy-to-use features, which makes itself an ideal platform for Hexapod gait research. In addition, the Ultrasonic Range Finding module included in this kit further gives the Mini Hexapodinno(TM) obstacle avoidance capability, which not only demonstrates the flexible expandability of the peripheral modules but also makes itself a superior platform for advanced integrated robotics exploration.

For further information, please download to check the Mini Hexapodinno(TM) Instruction Manual, sample programs and video clips.

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