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Innovati 2009 Taipei International Robot Show

The 2009 Taipei International Robot Show (TIROS), jointly organized by the Industrial Development Bureau (MOEA), Department of Industrial Technology (MOEA), and the Robotics Association Taiwan, was held from August 5th to 10th 2009 at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall. Innovati has also participated in this event with two booths and presented highly interesting displays that attracted many visitors to stop by.
In this exhibition, Innovati showcased several 16 DOF, 12 DOF, and 6 DOF robots, several biomimetic robots, and a wide range of intelligent peripheral modules to provide as an R&D platform for researchers of quality robot products. Innovati has also been developing technology for robot in education. In this exhibition, Innovati showcased the wheeled and tracked autonomous robot kits, which can be integrated into various sensor component learning projects. Innovati’s education kits have been used for entry-level robots in education programs in schools of all levels. The BASIC Commander Systems developed by Innovati are sets integrated with a central control board and the peripheral intelligence modules. They are easy to use, enable fast development, and are high versatile in terms of integration. A small 4-wheel-drive remote control surveillance monitor car was showcased in the exhibition, which was assembled from peripheral modules, including a BASIC Commander control board, LCD display module, joystick module, keyboard module, 2.4G wireless module, DC motor driver module, and IP cam. With the integration of 15 peripheral modules, a remote control surveillance car and its remote control surveillance station can be easily set up. This shows the excellent functionalities of the BASIC Commander system.
Innovati's RobotinnoTM is a 16 DOF humanoid robot, which is controlled by the BASIC Commander system. With vertical integration with the Automation and Robotics Toolkits (ART) developed by the Mechanical and Systems Research Laboratories (ITRI), an intelligent robot equipped with video and voice recognition capability is easily developed. In the exhibition, RobotinnoTM interacted with event visitors through its video recognition system, which attracted many curious enquiries. For ART platform robot developers, the BASIC Commander system of Innovati enables initiation of even more convenient and flexible locomotion and sensor functions at the microcontroller level, offering total solutions for robot researchers.
Robot systems of Innovati are suitable for DIY robots for the amateur enthusiasts. A humanoid robot designed by the Robofactory was also showcased in the exhibition, which was assembled with Innovati’s SC16 robot control board for the adorable motions. Innovati’s modules are highly suitable for robot product designers and design schools as inspirational applications. A large creative robot made from Styrofoam was the favorite of the kids, which is equipped with the ultrasound senor module, enabling it to greet visitors at their presence. The large creative robots can be used for high-tech interactive scenarios or exhibitions.
Robot systems of Innovati Inc. are not only made for DIY robot design enthusiasts; they are highly suitable for education purposes, including robot laboratories, robot curriculums, teacher robot programs, and student robot projects. In the meantime, several competitions were held in this year’s exhibition, and we have been a sponsor for this event in two consecutive years. Innovati is dedicated to the promotion of robot in education and has achieved great success. We will continue to march towards our corporate goals in developing robot related modules, solutions and work hard to upgrade the education in robot technology for the future development of the robot industry.


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