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Innovati will showcase in the RoboGames 2011

RoboGames was founded as the ROBOlympics in 2004 by David Calkins. The RoboGames has become the world's largest open robot competition. Competitors from all over the world compete in over 70 different events, such as Combat robots, walking humanoids, soccer bots, sumo bots, and kung-fu fighting androids.


The 8th annual game RoboGames 2011will be held Fri-Sun, Apr 15-17, 2011 at San Mateo County Fairgrounds. Innovati is glad to be one of sponsors with a booth to showcase our robotics products.  You will have a chance to see how our "Innovati BASIC Commander" system utilizes the central control board and intelligent peripheral modules to create robots easily, quickly and flexibly.


Innovati is very glad to sponsor the autonomous auto game NetCar. In this event, autonomous race cars to complete a line track course. Each race car can try three runs from which the shortest time will be recorded as the best record. Players can implement their own algorithm and use curve change marks on the course for route memorization to get the best record in the shortest time possible. You are welcome the see the new game.


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More information about NetCar: .

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