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Special Report: Innovati, Inc Showcases at 2009 Tokyo International Robot Exhibition (IREX 2009)

Co-organized by the Japan Robot Association (JARA) and The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd, the "2009 Tokyo International Robot Exhibition (IREX 2009)" , was successfully held from 25-28th November 2009 at the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Hall. Teaming up with the Robotics Association Taiwan, Innovati, Inc showcased its Edutaiment-leading robotics products and services at this renowned robot exhibition.

One of innovait's key exhibits was the "Innovati BASIC Commander" system which utilizes a central control board and intelligent peripheral modules to allow robot developers to create robots easily and quickly with flexibility. Through such an integrated development system, Innovati Inc designed various 16, 18 and 19-axis humanoid robots, multipod and  snake-type biomimic robots. The "BASIC Commander" system also enables vertical integration with PC via USB to achieve fast computing applications such as vision and voice recognition capabilities, giving robot developers integrated solutions.

Robotfactory's figure robots, powered by Innovati's SC16 robot control board, were also showcased at the exhibition. The robots were inspirations to robot designers and robot design schools. At the same time, new types of humanoid robots, such as those with mechanical hands to complete more complicated hand grab actions, 19-axis robots with waist joints to execute agile movements, and game robots controlled by PS2 remote controls, were also some of the key exhibition highlights.
Other than helping robot enthusiasts design and create their own robots, Innovati also has various educational robotic solutions for education institutions to setup robot laboratories, robotic educational curricula, robotic components for teachers and themed applications for students. Anyone interested in learning more about robots can count on Innovati for high quality and diversified educational robot platforms.



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