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The Intelligent Robotics Lab and Education Center Established by the National Pingtung University of Education and Innovati, Inc.

The Department of Information Science, National Pingtung University of Education (NPUE) entered into agreement with Innovati, Inc. on a strategic alliance for the establishment of the Intelligent Robotics Lab and Education Center (the Center) on December 3 2009.

The establishment of this facility allows the university to provide diverse and abundant information education resources. NPUE President Liu Ching-Chung and President Mr. Pao Wei-Sheng of Innovati, Inc. affixed their signatures to the agreement in the signing ceremony. The parties will launch training to cultivate talent in the robotic industry, engage in industrial-academic collaboration, promote information exchange related to robotic education and intellectual property, and offer technical consultation, education training, and joint lectures on robotics science.

President Liu expressed his gratitude for the collaborated efforts of Innovati, Inc. and the NPUE in establishing the Center, providing abundant resources for teaching and research, and offering assistance in setting up the center. In the future, Students are expected to demonstrate competence in creative design and stay updated with the related industries to create career opportunities. This collaboration is expected to ensure better results and a win-win situation.


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