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INNOVATI "2008 Taipei International Robot Show" Event Report

The "2008 Taipei International Robot Show" (TIROS), hosted by the Robotics Association Taiwan, was held at TWTC Hall 1 between August 21 and August 24. INNOVATI Inc. was one of the exhibitors at TIROS this year and showed of its various robots and robot development systems. This included transformers, robotic snakes, 12-DOF bipedal robots, 18-DOF spiders, ultrasonic obstacle-avoiding mini-spiders, autonomous vehicles, the innoBASIC robotics development system, the BASIC Commander single-board computer, robot controller board and a variety peripheral function modules.

INNOVATI's robotics development systems are developed domestically in Taiwan. They are mainly intended for school teachers, students, robot enthusiasts & hobbyists, robot workshops and electrical engineering personnel. The core of INNOVATI robots is the BASIC Commander personal single-board computer. This is a microcontroller core used to control peripheral modules or circuits. Users can write BASIC programs on their computers and download to the BASIC Commander to control their robot's behavior. Not only the fixed robotics behaviors, you may also install additional hardware modules to come up with your own unique and creative robot designs. What you can create is only limited by your imagination!

Robotics is a highly integrated technology industry that appears complicated to the average person. INNOVATI has successfully developed a robotics platform that offers an easy introduction to robot development. Its excellent scalability and complete technical support is also exactly what local educational institutions and enthusiasts are looking for. During the 4 days of TIROS, the INNOVATI booth saw a constant stream of visitors, including teachers, students, enthusiasts, local and foreign vendors and robotic talent class operators. All expressed keen interest in the new robots and the robot development tools. Once more and more people become involved in the robotics education market, this will undoubtedly lay down solid foundations for a future local robotics industry and help Taiwan achieve international fame.



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