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4x4 Keypad Module - Keypad A
Detailed profile

4x4 Keypad Module - Keypad A


Innovati's Keypad A Module provides versatile input functions. It can be directly controlled by Innovati’s Basic Commander for various applications through simple connections. By setting different input modes, it can be configured rapidly to emulate various commonly used input interfaces, including the numeric input for the calculator, English character input for the mobile phone, the hexadecimal input for engineering, or even the user-defined returned value for each key. In addition to the input options, the debounce time can be set to avoid determining the mechanical bounce as key pressed. The automatic repeat (auto-repeat) input can be set for generating repeated input while press and hold the key.




  • With the LCD display, it can rapidly emulate the function of a calculator by setting the suitable mode.
  • The keypad can be used for the password input with the case-sensitive capability.
  • The user-defined input function allows the user to set and detect different keys through the software to activate the module for versatile operations.
  • By setting the hold mode, the keypad can be used as the 8-direction keys for the wired remote control.

Product Features:

  • 4x4 input keypad. It can be operated in 9 different input modes.
    • Key value mode (default)
    • Hexadecimal mode
    • Numeric mode
    • Upper case English input
    • Lower case English input
    • Symbol mode
    • Calculator mode
    • User-defined mode
    • Extended keypad input mode
  • The user can set the debounce value according to the personal preference to avoid repeated inputs.
  • By using the extension pins, the product can be expanded with the additional extended keypad for input.
  • The determination of the pressed keys can be performed either in the event mode or in the polling mode according though different program designs.
  • By pressing and holding the keys, the repetition rate of the key input can be configured.


For the detailed specifications, please refer to "4x4 Keypad Module - Keypad A Operation Manual".

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