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OZONE ---  Open Source Object Oriented Electronics Platform

Over the past several years, Arduino boards have been commonly used among developers, hobbyists, students and educators to either learn or develop small projects or prototypes. The open source hardware, software and application design make Arduino one of the most popular single microcontroller board in the Open Source community.

However, for users to develop integrated applications, add-on boards (shields) need to be created to work with Arduino boards. Due to lack of I/O resources, only few shields can be added onto the board in the same application. To simplify this task, Innovati has developed the new Ozone™ board. The Ozone™ board has the ATmega32U4 microcontroller as its core, which has 32KByte Flash and 2.5KByte SRAM and operating at 16MHz. The Ozone™ board has 20 I/Os, among which 7 I/Os may act as PWM output and 12 I/Os as analog inputs. It is compatible with the Arduino Leonardo board, which not only allows users to use the existing resources in the Arduino Community, but also to incorporate powerful Object Oriented Modules to the Open Source Object Oriented Electronics Platform. Object Oriented Modules are used to reduce the workload of the main controller and maximize the overall performance.

Each Object Oriented Module has its own built-in micro-controller to perform specific functions related to the module, leaving the main micro-controller on the Ozone board to manage or coordinate the tasks among all the modules. This unique task distribution feature will help users to develop not only simple projects but also more complicated applications easily and rapidly.



System Scheme
The Ozone™ board supports the conventional Directly I/O control and SHIELD boards for applications. However, the most important feature of the Ozone™ board is the cmdBUS™ scheme, which allows up to 32 smart modules to be connected to the board.



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