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ARMINNO --- Cortex M3 microcontroller
Detailed profile

ARMINNO --- Cortex M3 microcontroller


ARMINNO™ is a 32-bit microcontroller board based on HOLTEK’s HT32F1765 Cortex M3 microcontroller. The ARMINNO™ has 128KB Flash memory, 64K SRAM and 80 configurable I/Os and operating at 72MHz. The ARMINNO™ board is equipped with HOLTEK e-Link32 debugging interface. It is supported by professional Keil IDE.
 Arminno™ has various built-in functions, such as TIMER, RTC, UART, I2C, SPI, EEDATA, etc. In addition, a featured Arminno™ library is supported which simplifies the use of the library enabling users for faster program development.


Arminno™ Features:


    • 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M3 processor core
    • Up to 72MHz operation frequency
    • Single-cycle multiplication and hardware division

On-chip Memory

    • 128KB Flash memory for instruction and data storage
    • 64KB on-chip SRAM for data storage

Clock Control Unit

   • External 4 to 16MHz crystal oscillator
   • External 32,768Hz crystal oscillator
   • Internal 8MHz RC oscillator
   • Internal 32kHz RC oscillator

Analog to Digital Converter

   • 12-bit SAR ADC engine
   • Up to 1Msps conversion rate at 72MHz
   • 8 external analog input channels
   • Supply voltage range: 2.7 V ~ 3.6 V

Analog Operational Amplifier/Comparator

   • Two Operational Amplifiers or Comparator software configurable
   • Supply voltage range: 2.7V ~ 3.6V

I/O Ports

    • 80 GPIOs
    • Port A, B, C, D, E are mapped as 16 external interrupts
    • Almost all I/O pins are 5V-tolerant except for pins shared with analog inputs


    • Built-in Innovati’s CMDBUS™ connectors
    • More than 25 CMDBUS™ modules available

PWM Generation and Capture Timers -- GPTM

    • Two 16-bit General-Purpose Timers - GPTM
    • Up to 4-channel PWM Compare Output or Input Capture function for each GPTM
    • External trigger input

Basic Function Timer -- BFTM

    • Two 32-bit compare/match count-up counters
    • One shot mode - counting stops after a match condition
    • Repetitive mode - restart counter after a match condition

Real Time Clock

    • 32-bit up-counter with a programmable prescaler
    • Alarm function
    • Interrupt and Wake-up event

Inter-integrated Circuit -- I2C

    • Support both master and slave mode with a frequency of up to 1MHz
    • Provide an arbitration function and clock synchronization
    • Supports 7-bit and 10-bit addressing mode and general call addressing
    • Supports slave multi-addressing mode with maskable address

Serial Peripheral Interface -- SPI

    • Supports both master and slave mode
    • Frequency of up to 36MHz for master mode and 18MHz for slave mode

Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter -- UART

    • Operating frequency up to 4.5MHz
    • RS485 mode with output enable control
    • Auto hardware flow control mode - RTS, CTS
    • FIFO Depth: 16x9 bits for both receiver and transmitter

















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