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BASIC Commander (24-pin) - BC1
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BASIC Commander (24-pin) - BC1


BASIC Commander(TM) is a miniature personal single-board computer (PSBC). The program codes written in innoBASIC(TM) can be downloaded into the hardware through the USB port. It can control the peripheral modules through the cmdBUS or connect to PC through the USB Cable for the transmission of the information.


In order to meet the requirements of different applications, the BASIC Commander(TM) comes with two models: 24-pin and 32-pin modules, which have 16 and 24 general-purpose I/O pins respectively. If each innoBASIC instruction requires the time of 10 cycles of microcontroller instruction for the computation, the number of instructions per second to be executed by the BASIC Commander(TM) is about 200,000 innoBASIC instructions per second.


For the detailed specifications, please refer to the "BASIC Commander System Operation Manual".


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