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RF24G Module
Detailed profile

Product Overview:

Innovati’s RF24G module is a user-friendly bidirectional wireless transmitter/receiver module. It allows the user to transmit the data in various formats by using a single command through the connection of cmdBUS to the BASIC Commander. With the dynamic configurations through the software, the user can switch the transmission/reception modes any time so as to change the transmission channel and identification code.

※ Wireless transmission of various data formats.
※ Transmission of control signals to achieve the goal of wireless remote control.
※ With the collaboration of four RF24G modules at the same time, full-duplex communications can be achieved.

Product Features:
※ Frequency band of the wireless transmission: 2.4 ~ 2.524 GHz.
※ Wireless transmission mode: GFSK.
※ The user can switch the operation mode of the module as a transmitter or a receiver any time.
※ The user can switch among the 125 channels dynamically through the software.
※ Output power: 0 dBm.
※ Data transfer rate: 250 Kbps.
※ The wireless transmission coverage is up to about 280 meters.
※ With the built-in antenna, no external antenna is required.
※ Provides 256 sets of ID codes and Reg codes for the user to switch the identification dynamically through the software any time.
※ The user can store the data to be transmitted in the built-in temporary space first and then transmit them in a batch by using the command. Up to 40 Bytes can be stored.
※ Provides simple variable transmission commands. Different data types such as Byte, Word, and Dword can be transmitted through a single command.
※ Provides string and array transmission commands. A string of up to 20 characters or an array of up to 20 Bytes can be transmitted at the same time.
※ Measurement alarm events are provided. After the module is activated, when a new measurement is updated, an alarm event will be generated.
※ Provides the configuration of transmission completion notification event, which can be activated as soon as the data transmission is completed.
※ Provides the configuration of receipt completion notification event which will be activated as soon as the receipt of new data is completed.
※ Provides four levels of transmission signal strength: -20 dBm, -10 dBm, -5 dBm, and 0 dBm.
※ By using commands, the user can read out the current settings for verification or determine if the received data is still not read out yet.

For the detailed specifications, please refer to "RF24G Module User's Guide".

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