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Accelerometer 3A Module
Detailed profile

Product Overview:

 Innovati’s Accelerometer 3A module is a user-friendly, high-precision three-axis acceleration sensing module. With the connection through the cmdBUS to the BASIC Commander, the sensed acceleration values in three axes or the angle between the acceleration orientation and the axes can be retrieved by using a simple command. Furthermore, the software calibration can be performed so as to improve the adaptability to many conditions.

※ Measurement of the static tilt angle for controlling the vehicle to keep balance.
※ Measurement of the dynamic acceleration for sensing the magnitude of the force and direction.
※ Measurement of the static acceleration for sensing the direction of the gravitational force.

Product Features:
※ Digitally measure acceleration values in three axes.
※ Provide four precision levels (1.5g, 2g, 4g, and 6g) which can be selected through the software at any time to meet the different measurement demands.
※ Measure the angle between the acceleration and the axes in units of degrees.
※ Provide the calculated values of the 2-D resultant force and its corresponding angle and arbitrarily select the two axes to be measured.
※ Provide the calculated values of the 3-D resultant force and its corresponding angle.
※ Provide the notification for the applied force. After the target applied force to be detected is configured, the module can automatically generate the notification event. The user can set the values of the target forces in the X, Y, and Z axes, or the 2-D resultant force separately. Up to 8 notification events for each force value are available for the user to flexibly configure the module.
※ Provide the notification for the deviation angle. After the base angle to be compared and the deviation angle in units of degrees are configured, the module will automatically generate the notification event when the measured angle exceeds the deviation angle. The user can configure the 2-D resultant force in any two of the axes and the deviation angle for the notification.
※ Provide memory space for storing 256 angle values such as the current angle, or any angle as the base angle for configuring the deviation angle.
※ The precision of the measured angle value can be up to 1 degree.
※ The detectable range of the acceleration is up to ±6 g.
※ The module can automatically store the maximum acceleration value in each axis. The user can quickly read or recalculate the values through the command.
※ Five sensing frequencies or refresh frequencies (100 Hz, 50 Hz, 25 Hz, 10 Hz, and 1 Hz)
can be selected and the user can change the refresh frequencies any time through the command.
※ Provide notification events for refreshing of sensing values. After the notification is configured through the command, the module will automatically generate the notification event each time the sensing value is refreshed.
※ Provide commands for configuring the calibration value. The user can change the calibration value at any time so as to obtain the returned value which meets the demands.
 The user can read the digital voltage value in each axis directly through the command.

For the detailed specifications, please refer to "Accelerometer 3A Module User's Guide".

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