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Thermometer A Module
Detailed profile

Product Overview:

With the connection through cmdBUS to BASIC Commander, the user can use simple commands to obtain the present temperature and humidity from Innovati’s Thermometer A module and then calculate the dew point value. Through simple commands, the module can perform functions such as automatic measurements, alarms on changes, etc.

※ Measurement of the change of temperature and humidity.
※ Alarm on changes of temperature (humidity) in the environment where the temperature (humidity) needs to be controlled.

Product Features:
※ Measurable Temperature Range: -40°C~123.8°C
※ It can provide the information of temperature, humidity and dew point.
※ Conversion between different temperature units (°K, °F and °C).
※ It allows the user to configure the time interval for the automatic storage of temperature, humidity and dew point data. Up to 120 record items for each category can be stored.
※ It allows the user to configure the alarms on the ranges of temperature and humidity.
※ It allows the user to configure the alarm on changes of temperature and humidity.

For the detailed specifications, please refer to "Thermometer A Module User's Guide".

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