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Motor Runner C
Detailed profile

Product Overview:

Innovati’s Motor Runner C Module can freely control a single DC motor through simple commands. It can dynamically change the rotation speed of the motor at any time, and get the current status of the motor, including the rotation speed or the direction. Compared with Motor Runner A and Motor Runner B, it can withstand a higher voltage and a higher current.


※Control the driving of the motor for moving a model car forwards or backwards.
※ Dynamically control the rotation speed of a motor in the equipment that needs the feedback of rotation speed.
※It can be connected with a small fan for controlling the blowing strength.

Product Features:

※ Control the rotation direction and speed of a single motor with simple commands
※ It can withstand a maximum continuous current up to ±30A.
※It can withstand a maximum voltage up to 35V.
※Internal PWM current control at a fixed frequency of 10KHz.
※Provide the automatic shut down protection against overheat (150°C).
※Provide the protection against current overload.
※Provide the crossover-current protection and the under-voltage lockout (UVLO) protection.
※With the brake command, it can rapidly stop the motion of the motor.
※Provide 256-step rotation speed variation.
※By using the commands, it is easy to obtain the current status of the rotation speed or direction of the motor.
※Provide the connector for external stop signal. With a simple connection to an external button, the user can stop the motion of the motor by simply pressing the button.
※Provide connection pins for the motor rotation speed signal which allows the user to connect the module to a motor with a tachometer to obtain a more accurate rotation speed of the motor in real time through the        commands.
※The tachometer can be configured for 13 different sensing frequencies.
※With the connection of a tachometer, the user can directly set the rotation speed through the commands for rotation speed settings so that the module can control the motor to accelerate (decelerate) to the required      rotation speed and maintain at a constant rotation speed.
※With the connection of a tachometer, the user can directly set the rotation counts through the counter commands so that the module can control the motor to stop once the required number of rotation counts is reached.
※Provide the counter events. When the required number of counts is reached, the SBC will be notified by the event and perform the follow-up operations after the counter is reached.
※It provides the error alarm event. After the error status is clear, the module can rapidly recover the previous state through the related commands.

For detailed specifications, please refer to “Motor Runner C Guide

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