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16-DOF Robotinno Kit
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16-DOF Robotinno Kit

The kit includes:Servo Commander 16, Servo, Red Aluminum Material, Rechargeable Battery, Battery Charger, CR-ROM (containing the installation software, example program and description documents), Assembly Manual, and other related accessories. You can just assemble the hardware according to the instructions in the assembly manual and then write your own software by using the innoBASIC programming language to control the robot; your dream of creating your own robot can come true!

This kit is suitable for the teaching and research in school, the student’s project development, implementation of the amateur’s dream, etc. It allows the user not only to fully enjoy the assembly of a robot but also to obtain the fulfillment of writing a program based on the BASIC language development platform with moderate difficulty without the regret of non-graphical interface and the absence of experiencing the principle of robots.

The robot is completely compatible to Innovati’s single board computer - BASIC Commander system. The user can choose to buy other additional features to upgrade the robot easily and create your own unique robot.

For the detail package contents of the kit, the assembly descriptions, and the precautions, please refer to "16-DOF Robotinno Instruction Manual". For viewing the related video, please click the link "Video of Innovati’s 16-DOF Robotinno Robot".

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