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Education Board
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Education Board


If you only require some additional electronic components in your system, it is recommended to use the Education Board with the BASIC Commander.


The Education Board is equipped with a BASIC Commander socket for plug the BASIC Commander single board computer and a breadboard for the user to plug the necessary components. It allows the user to connect the power cord and the I/O signals from the BASIC Commander.


The Education Board does not include the BASIC Commander. You can select either the 24-pin BC1 or the 32-pin BC2 sockets for the respective BASIC Commander. Please plug the BASIC Commander in the proper direction according to the figure printed on the Education Board. If it is plugged at the incorrect position or in the wrong direction, it may cause irrevocable damage to the system.


For the detailed specifications, please refer to "BASIC Commander and innoBASIC Workshop Operation Manual"

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