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Timepiece - Time Keeper A
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Timer Module - Time Keeper A


Innovati's Time Kipper A Module can provide versatile timer and notification functions. It has a built-in weekday mapping function. When the date is input, the corresponding weekday can be determined automatically. In addition, it provides the second time that can be set and 5 additional timers so as to meet the user’s requirements to handle several timers to be determined. The fine adjustment function is also provided. If a more precise time is required, the time error of each day can be controlled within 0.08 second by using the fine adjustment.



  • It can be integrated with the LCD Module for displaying the time as a simple electronic clock.
  • It can be dynamically integrated with other kinds of modules to activate the operations of the module at the specified times.
  • It can be easily used for calendar applications and provide various notifications for versatile to-do schedules.
  • It can be connected with the switches to be operated as the timers for various appliances or performed the scheduled activations.


Product Features:

  • The year, month, day, weekday, hour, minute, second within AD 2000~2099 can be automatically counted.
  • It provides the time display formats either in the 24-hour format or 12-hour format.
  • The secondary time is provided for setting the hour, minute and second.
  • It provides versatile notification modes, such as every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, etc., and several modes can exist at the same time.
  • The 5 timers allow the user to set the count down operations with the value range from the unit of days to the unit of seconds.
  • The accuracy can be finely adjusted to reduce the time error. The best condition can be as low as 3.052ppm.


For the detailed specifications, please refer to "Timer Module - Time Keeper A Operation Manual".

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