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Servo Motor Driver Module --- Servo Runner A
Detailed profile

Servo Controller Module - Servo Runner

Innovati's Servo Runner A module is capable of controlling 16 servos simultaneously and providing integrated commands, allowing the user to determine the motion performance of the servo by directly setting the speed or time. There are up to 250 memory blocks for storing the positions and motion configurations (speed or time), thus various ways of motions can be achieved through the combinations of actions.



  • The operation and application of various Servos including the robotic arms, robotic joints, etc.


Product Features:

  • It provides 16 servo control output interfaces for controlling 16 servos simultaneously.
  • It is capable of controlling the position of the servo from 0.5 ms to 2.5 ms.
  • The software fine-tune commands allow the user to fine adjust the rotation angle of each servo in the range of -128~127 µS only by software setting without the disassembly of the machine.
  • The program allows user to set the rotation angle of the servo. The user can set multiple levels of the rotation angles of the servo according to the requirements.
  • The user can set a common time for every servo to reach different rotation angle at the same time.
  • There 250 built-in memory blocks in the servo. Each memory block can store the current target positions, speeds or the time parameters of the 16 servos which can be restored directly on demand, and thus avoid repeated setting operations and allows the user to combine the actions for various operations.
  • 4 event notifications allowing the user to proceed to the next operation once the completion of the action is detected. The event can be configured based on detection the state of the any one of the 16 servos.
  • Various state inquiry commands allows the user to confirm whether the action of the servo is completed or not at any time, to acquire the current position and the target position, to fine adjust the parameters or the preset time and speed values.
  • The resolution can be as high as 2µS.

For the detailed specifications, please refer to “Servo Controller Module - Servo Runner A Operation Manual

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