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Dual DC Motor Control Module --- Motor Runner B
Detailed profile

DC Motor Controller Module - Motor Runner B

Innovati's Motor Runner B Module can freely control two DC motors simultaneously through simple command settings. It can dynamically change the rotation speed of the motor at any time, and get the current status of the motor, including the rotation speed or the direction.



  • Control the driving of the motors of the model car for moving forwards or backwards. With the setting of the speed difference between the two wheels, the direction turning can be achieved.
  • By control the motors in different directions, the controlled object can move forwards/backwards and to the left/to the right, such as the control of a robotic arm.
  • It can be connected with a small fan directly to control the blowing strength.

Product Features:

  • The setting commands for two motor modules can be executed at the same time.
  • It provides a continuous output current of ±650mA. (The peak current can be up to ±750mA.)
  • The highest allowed input voltage is up to 30V.
  • Internal PWM current control at a fixed frequency of 500Hz.
  • It provides the automatic shut down protection against overheat (165°C).
  • It provides the protection against current overload.
  • It provides the Crossover-Current Protection and the under-voltage latch-up protection (UVLO).
  • With the brake command, it can rapidly stop the motion of the motor.
  • It provides the 256-step rotation speed adjustment.
  • The commands for two motors to move in different directions at different speeds can be executed at the same time.
  • By using the commands, it is easy to obtain the current status of the rotation speed or the direction of the motor.

For detailed specifications, please refer to “DC Motor Controller Module - Motor Runner B Operation Manual

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